Shopping today has become so convenient and readily available to you. Shopping is provided from a mall, a shopping center and even from the internet. You can shop from the comfort inside your home while in bed! So how can you buy a new pair of shoes today without spending too much money and getting back benefits to help you shop more? A shopping credit card is the way to go.

shopping credit card

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What is a shopping credit card?

What is a shopping credit card?

A shopping credit card is the best way to pay. A shopping credit card is helpful and resourceful and can also benefit you. But there are many options for a shopping credit card, so which one is best for you? Let’s compare some of the best shopping credit cards.

The first card on the top of the list is “The Citi Rewards Card”.

The first card on the top of the list is “The Citi Rewards Card”.

This card averages at the top option with some great benefits. Here is a sample of what Citi Reward Card can do for you.

For every $1 you spend on clothing, shoes, or bags, you get 10X the reward on your credit card (which means 10 points or 4 miles if you travel) for every dollar you spend. Those reward points can be used to buy new merchandise or even be used to travel. Sounds like a win for you! Also for other purchases not dealing with clothing for every $1 you spend equals 1 reward point.

Enjoy discounts from up to 50% off at some selected retailers listed from the company. This card also helps with gas (petrol) for your vehicle at a rate of 14% discount at Esso stations and Shell stations.

Alright, so now that we read some of the benefits of a Citi Reward Card let’s move on to another option.

DBS Woman’s World Card

DBS Woman’s World Card

This card has some different options compared to the Citi Rewards Card but still ranks at the top of the list.

For the Woman’s World Card, you can earn 10X the reward for every $5 you spend online (which means 10X DBS points or 20 miles in travel). 3X the reward for every $5 spent overseas (so 3X DBS points or 6 miles). This card also comes with the option to shop anytime but pay the price later with plans of 0% interest over 3, 6 or 12 months.

This card also has the benefit of free visitations for you and a friend at True Fitness and True Yoga every month.

Do ever get tired of shopping and need to regain some energy to continue your shopping? The Woman’s World Card comes with some dining benefits!

You can earn 3X the reward for every $5 spent on overseas dining. Do you enjoy eating at Fish & Co? Get 10% off the total bill on the weekdays. Also enjoy 10% off the total bill at Shabuya with a $100 purchase.

So you shopped around and got a great dinner, now it’s time for some entertainment. DBS Woman's World card can get you 10X the reward points on every $5 on online bookings. Get 3X the reward on money you spend overseas. 10% off house pour bottles and loose drinks at Capital from Thursday till Saturday. Also get $1 discounts for non-3D tickets at the movie theater at Golden Village.

Alright so now that we discussed the DBS Woman's World Card lets move into a third option.

Do you prefer to stay at home to shop and want some cash back in your pocket? The next card on the list is the “Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card”. This card is great for online shopping as it presents some great benefits.

With the Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card you have no minimal spend and up to $60 cash back per month.

You get 3% cash back on all online spending in foreign currency and vPost spends. 2% cashback on all online shopping. 1% cashback on all other retail transactions. Plus you get a 2 years annual fee waiver.

With the Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card you can get up to $100 worth of Cashback or $150 Amazon Prime Now Credit when you apply for the SCB Spree Card via MoneySmart.

20% off vPost shipping fees for anything that comes from overseas to Singapore culminated at $1250 per shipment. Also another great benefit you have is Online Price Guarantee with a refund up to 50% of the price difference if you can find the same product for a lower price within 30 days of your online purchase.

This card also comes with a benefit for gas (petrol). You can get up to 19.78% effective fuel savings at Caltex.

Shopping credit cards can be great to own and rewarding. We discussed three of the top best options to choose from. However there are also many other options so always look for what is going to benefit you the most, look into the terms and conditions of each card (interest rates and late payment fees), and whether your eligible to receive one. Receiving a shopping credit card is easy to get even if your credit score is low. In conclusion owning a shopping credit card is a great investment. Now it’s time to go get some new clothes.