Titanium is defined as a strong material but is lighter than Steel and is used for various industrial products for its reliability. Titanium is also considered a symbol of "strength" because of its impenetrable form. Titanium is a resourceful material and is very reliable, so why is this trusted material not in your wallet?

The Titanium Rewards Card is a credit card that gives you 10X more reward points on every dollar you spend from a variety of retailers. The Titanium Reward Card can be used to shop online or in stores, overseas or down the street. Just like the physical Titanium material, the Titanium Rewards Card is very impenetrable with e-Commerce Protection which guarantees that you get the best online deals and protects you from non-delivery and defective products when you shop on the internet.

titanium rewards card

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What bank offers The Titanium Rewards Card?

The OCBC Bank (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited) offers this reward credit card to you. Applying is simple, but you must get approved first before receiving your rewards card.

Why should I own a Titanium Rewards Card?

For every dollar, you spend on clothing, shoes, bags, department stores, accessories, electronic devices, clothing for kids, nearby shopping, shopping abroad in foreign countries, online or offline you get 10X the points for your purchases. These points can also be converted to travel miles, so 10 OCBC points can be converted to 4 miles.

Titanium Rewards Card Reviews

The Titanium Rewards Card is outstanding in rating right now with its many key features and points reward system. The average rating for this card is "Excellent" with 4-5 star reviews.

Comparing the Titanium Rewards Card to a Standard Chartered Rewards Card

Each reward card from various companies has their pros and cons. The Standard Chartered Rewards Card gives you 10X the reward for every dollar you spend but does not help with travel miles ($1=2.9 miles) instead of what the Titanium Rewards Card that gives you 4 miles for every dollar you spend.

The Standard Chartered Rewards Card is not too appealing with only a couple of vouchers at chain restaurants and few department stores. The Standard Chartered Rewards Card only has a limited spending category in foreign currency spending but with the Titanium Rewards Card, you get major online shopping sites, department stores, electronics, and kidswear. The Titanium Rewards card beats The Standard Chartered Rewards card because of its more flexible and wide range vouchers available to you.

Exclusive Offers from a Titanium Reward Card

Do you prefer to live in luxury but want great deals? Having a Titanium Rewards Card can do that! You can earn a 2% Cash Rebate (money given back to you) for every dollar when you spend at BEST Denki you will also be credited the 10 points for every dollar you spend on Electronics category.

Whatever airline you prefer or ticket you purchased enjoy exclusive access by MasterCard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey. You can live in luxury with complimentary drinks and the best seating. The Titanium Reward Card has many promotions from petrol, dining, traveling, retail stores and more plus rewards just for shopping.

JetQuay Quayside offers complimentary use for owners of a Titanium Rewards Card

You can receive complimentary use of JetQuay Quayside solo trip service for being a Principal cardholder and up to one companion traveling on the same flight with a special rate of $250 per service. Purchasing a full air ticket for a full-service airline you will be entitled to the full complimentary access program. You also receive some discounts with 30% off JetQuay Gateway services and Jetside Services.

Online shopping is safe and secure with the Titanium Rewards Card

You can buy any goods you want and have coverage of $200 per year which safeguards you against non-delivery, defective goods or if the marketer falls short to repay you within 30 days.

The Titanium Rewards Card itself is a polished card that gives 10X the rewards on purchases with a great variety of choices to choose from. You never feel limited in your purchases and have the freedom to buy what you want when you desire to do so. This card is in conjunction with major retailers including Amazon, Lazada, Taobao, and AliExpress.

How do I become eligible to receive the Titanium Rewards Card?

Eligibility is easy if you are 21 years of age or older. You also would need an annual income of $30,000 and above for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs. If you are not from Singapore its required for a foreigner's annual income to be $45,000 and above.

In conclusion, as real Titanium material is reliable, strong and is useful for many forms of industrialization. The Titanium Rewards Card is a reliable, firm and rewarding. This card can be used for a variety of purchases and rewards you for shopping. This card has one of the highest local earn rates of 4 miles per dollar spent across Singapore credit cards. This card is worth the effort.