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The habit to save regularly and grow a steady stream of income

UOB Stash Savings Account / United Overseas Bank

I like that with UOB Stash Savings Account one can make it a habit to save regularly, to grow a steady stream of income for times to come, plan ahead and save to ensure one can have a security blanket for the future. With this bank account you get to save as and when you have any extra cash or lump sums from your bonuses or investment

The best high interest account in the market!

UOB One Account / United Overseas Bank

This is perhaps the most competitive salary crediting account that earns sizeable interest rate. Only low point is that you need to hit the minimum spent of $500 a month on debit or credit card and must pair up with one/yolo/lady’s card. Best high interest account in the market! Reliable and efficient travel insurance claim, highly recommendable and easy to claim. Your one stop solution for all travel insurance needs.

Make use of your UOB Personal Internet Banking to track your account balances

UOB Passbook Savings Account / United Overseas Bank

This is a savings account with a stylish passbook provided entirely free of charge. Despite this being a passbook savings account, you can still make use of UOB Personal Internet Banking and use it to track your account balances. Internet Banking will provide you the banking convenience where you can make banking transactions anytime at anywhere, banking conveniences literally at your fingertips.

Gain great benefits while remitting money abroad

DBS Multi-Currency Account / DBS Bank

For fellow expats working in Singapore, this current promotion is great for those who need to remit USD overseas. This is where good planning is necessary. You don’t only benefit from exchanging money at your desired rate, but earn even more at the same time with the 2.5% p.a. interest. Plus, when you do transfer after the 4 months, you’ll get to enjoy same-day transfers at S$0 when doing so online with DBS Remit!

Good for new to workforce adult with minimal saving.

DBS eMySavings Account / DBS Bank

The interest is quite low on this card as compared with other saving plan. It deducts 2 dollars per month on your account balance if it is lower than $500. The interest rate is minimal and there are no incentive to save each month. Super good account as they do not need initial deposit to open the account. Good for new to workforce adult that have not much saving.

A competitive 3% interest rate and $50,000 insurance

Maybank SaveUp Account / Maybank Singapore

I use Maybank SaveUp for their 3% interest very competitive rate plus $50,000 insurance. I also use it for savings and not so much for transactions, so I'm ok with the user interface & lack of ATMs. Plus, their Maybank Platinum Visa Card has no annual fee, provided there is at least 1 transaction every quarter, and gives 3.33% cashback on almost any category of $300 spending free.