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What are the requirements needed when applying to be a registered Crane operator?

I am a foreigner with a valid work pass and I work as a registered crane operator. My registration is about to expire which is why I need to renew m registration. What are the requirements for the renewal? Is there a defference in the requirements if I am a foreigner or are the requirements the same for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanene Residents?

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    If you want to renew your registration, you need a new certificate for Workshop to Enhance Safety of Crane Operation and you'll need a new one every time you renew. If you are a foreigner with a valid work pass, your occupation must be listed as Crane and Hoist Operator. All other occupations are not allowed. If you are 50 years or above, you must pass the medical examination before you can renew.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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