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What is the MyInfo feature by UOPB Visa Signature Card all about?

Can a user of UOB Visa Signature Card shed some light on what the MyInfo feature is all about and how one can partake of it, especially if it is of good benefits?

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    MyInfo is a consent-based personal data platform for SingPass users to manage the use of their data for online account opening/ transactions with participating government agencies and commercial entities. By leveraging on MyInfo, Singapore citizens/PRs can skip filling in personal data repeatedly for every electronic transaction, while enjoying greater convenience like submitting fewer verification documents. So basically the MyInfo integration will help to simplify opening of new bank accounts and will be used to update personal details or to provide the bank with income information. The steps to activate the feature is quite straightforward and requires as a first step that after selecting a card, you retrieve your details via MyInfo and SingPass authentication. The next step will be to fill in some basic information, confirm your details, and submit them. Finally after getting approval via SMS, login to UOB internet banking and digitise your card in MightyPay for contactless payments immediately.

    2019.08.01 6:13

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