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Where are the UOB Smart$ rebate programme participating merchants outlets?

Can someone mention the participating outlets and their attractions/benefits if any, I hear SMART$ rebates on-the-spot at participating outlets all year round and works just like regular dollars, i.e 1 SMART$ being equivalent to S$1.

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    Hi! I will like to mention Pasarbella, were you can enjoy 1% rebate at participating tenants. PasarBella is a permanent market that opens daily from between 9:30am to 7:00pm, located at The Grandstand, PasarBella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore. Participating outlets include the Oceans of Seafood, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, The Cheese Ark, The Great Beer Experiment, the Hard Rock Café whcich offers a 3% rebate valid at Hard Rock Café outlets in Singapore, Bread Society offers a 3% rebate valid at all Bread Society outlets in Singapore, and BreadTalk Café which offers a 3% rebate Valid at all BreadTalk outlets in Singapore.

    2019.08.01 6:16

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Close to 6.5% rebates on dining

I have held this card for quite a long time and one thing I like about the card is the fact that it is used for CapitaLand malls and they are almost everywhere. So I enjoy dining taking advantage of the 10x rewards merchants to accumulate the points faster. Imagine getting close to 6.5% rebates on dining. Not to forget their sign up bonus of $60 rebates in vouchers when you spend $1,500. That's a 4% rebate excluding the points you will earn which will convert into vouchers too.

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Customer care service at top notch

This is my first credit card and I was pleased with the process as the application was absolutely stress free and smooth with customer care service at top notch. I actually felt taken care of and it appeared I could rely on customer care service for virtually any issue. Plus they have a simple tracking system of cashback rewards, with a good App and web UI/UX.

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Consumers earn 2.4 miles per S$1 spend overseas and 1.2 miles on general local spend

OCBC Voyage Card is perfect for well-off consumers with a shifting travel schedule, who want to earn high miles locally and overseas. Consumers earn 2.4 miles per S$1 spend overseas and 1.2 miles on general local spend, which aligns with similar cards. Consumers are most likely to benefit from OCBC voyage card if they spend most of their budget locally, with at least 25% of local spend on dining.

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OCBC Frank Card offers young adults a great, no-fee way to earn cashback from social and online spend

OCBC Frank Card stands out for its low minimum spend requirement and annual fee waiver however, it’s not a great match for consumers seeking everyday cashback. Online spend on utilities, recurring bills, and school and hospital payments are all not eligible for rebate. Dining, groceries, and other categories are also not rewarded. Ultimately, OCBC Frank Card offers young adults a great, no-fee way to earn cashback from social and online spend. OCBC Frank Card is definitely worth consideration.

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When I apply via MyInfoget I get to use my card instantly

So it is really convenient that I can get and use my card instantly when I apply via MyInfo. And the cards instant digital card that can be used for mobile wallets, online and mobile app purchases. Now aside from the same day physical credit card issuance for online applications you also get S$50 cash rebate upon approval with no minimum spend required. However that is only for new OCBC Credit Card applications.

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This card gives me $80 cash rebates every month.

I fancy the OCBC 365 credit because it has cash rebate of $80, but only after you full fill their criteria. They require a minimum spending of $800 per month which in turn earns interest from different spending. This card suits me just fine being that I have broad spending habit and in the process it gives me $80 cash rebates every month. My only dislike is the rebate on the general spending which is 0.3%.

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