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Should I buy a house for my boyfriend?

I am dating a man seven years younger than me. I make more money than he does but I want to believe we are in love because that is how he makes me feel anyway. My boyfriend has been nudging me to buy him a house for months now, I have the money to do it and would love to do it because I care deeply for him but more so we can share something together.

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    You sound like an educated woman so I am baffled that you are in the position you are in. First of all I don’t want to speak badly of your relationship but I think it’s rather odd that you are dating a man many years younger than you and one you are probably taking care of. Frankly I will caution strongly against buying a property for your boyfriend but if you must buy one to justify ‘’sharing something together’’, then let the documents be in your name. Anything short of that sister and you will be in for a real shocker in future.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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