Would there be a possibility that I may be convicted and sentenced to jail if I was to fail paying my Insurance?

I am new in the Insurance Market and have been trying to settle my payments but I cant seem to be able to pay them all at the same time in the given due date, would there be a possibility that I may be sued by the Insurance company that I have agreed and formed a contract with? if not is there a chance that I may be let go of all the insurances that I have been given if there was a delay?

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    No there is no possible outcome that the insurance company will or will be able to give you such a punishment as that that insurance companies are not given that form of power especially in issuing such moves such as sueing an individual for the inability of payment but the insurance agreement that was agreed upon maybe voided if not enough funds are present in the account of the client

    2020.03.24 15:44

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