How do I fix the errors in my newly applied credit card?

Is there anyway for me to apply for multiple credit cards without any other companies finding out, Ive been struggling with my cash flow and income but I know Ill have that big break soon enough! Ive been wanting to buy this car since forever and I thought to myself why not apply for multiple credit cards from different companies to get to that amount to snag that car, it wouldnt hurt right?

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    First of all stop right there, dont spend money you dont have, especially as grand as a car youd be stuck in debt before you even know it. Second you cant apply for multiple credit cards because companies keep track of those on your behalf, a bank isnt going to leave you credit that easy, you have to be reliable first to be able to pay for the credit that you borrow, my advice would be to hold off on all the spending and instead just save and invest.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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