Lacking money to enroll this year please send help

I recently found out that I am graduating this coming semester but the money that I usually receive from my parents has come to an abrupt stop since they there has been family problems recently, I've been wondering on what ways I can keep studying without paying in full, please I need help, I'm so close to graduating and I don't want to be delayed.

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    You can ask around your college for special scholarships, it doesn't necessarily need to be grade based if your lacking in that department, usually they offer part time jobs as librarians or professor assistants and if in case you do have good grades you can apply for scholarships that mark down the enrollment fees, if the college does not offer any of these services then your best bet can be a promissory note to the cashier of the college since you'd have more time to come up with the money, I hope you graduate on time.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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