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No annual fees but still comes 1% unlimited cashback

The CIMB AWSM credit card is actually targeted at students and NSFs. So considering that it doesn't come with annual fees but yet still provides 1% unlimited cashback on dining and entertainment, online shopping and telco, I feel that this card is great since most of us NSFs/students often spend our money on these categories. Moreover, there is no minimum spending required as well.

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    Complimentary Drive-Home Valet Services

    I am loving the Complimentary Drive-Home Valet Services offered by CIMB World MasterCard via Dre Valet. I got a complimentary valet ride home with Dre Valet as a result of S$500 I spent earlier. Redeeming it was easy as well as I simply downloaded and registered the “Dre Valet” app on my mobile device. Promo codes are awarded to eligible customers within 45 days.

    CIMB Platinum Mastercard / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

    Infinite Cashback offer on all you’re spendings!!

    How do you beat an Infinite Cashback offer on all you’re spending? When you spend just S$2,000 within a single statement month you qualify to enjoy 2% cashback on transactions such as travel, overseas, and online in foreign currencies with also 1% on all other retail spends. This card is recommend for new workers with regular income too.

    CIMB VISA Signature / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

    Awesome fee waiver for three years

    This card is awesome for dining out as it will earn you 3.2miles per each dollar spent. Furthermore I must mention that the Call centre is always friendly and as a result one does not have to wait for too long to be attended to or have issues resolved. I also like that the waiver of fees for three years in addition to a fast and convenient mobile payment via Samsung Pay

    CIMB VISA Infinite / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

    One other good thing CIMB credit cards have is that there are no annual fees

    The CIMB CashLite personal loan is based on your available credit card credit limit therefore you have to be a CIMB cardholder to apply for it. One other good thing CIMB credit cards have is that there are no annual fees but CIMB doesn’t publish their interest rates online. The actual interest rate is personalised based on your risk profile and credit history so you might very well end up with a higher interest rate than advertised.

    CIMB CashLite / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

    Lowest debt consolidation plan interest rates in Singapore with effectivly low interest rates

    CIMB advertises the lowest debt consolidation plan interest rates in Singapore, with effective interest rates as low as 7%. This is a great rate for some borrowers that are actually able to secure it; however it is difficult to assess the total cost of CIMB's debt consolidation loan compared to a loan from another bank.Additionally, because POSB, DBS and Maybank are offering cashback promotions and HSBC is offering S$100 cashback and waived processing fees, CIMB's lack of promotions and 1% processing fee make it a less appealing source for debt consolidation loans. It also offers loans with shorter durations of up to 8 years than many other DCP lenders in Singapore.

    CIMB Debt Consolidation / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

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