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Good for new to workforce adult with minimal saving.

DBS eMySavings Account / DBS Bank

A competitive 3% interest rate and $50,000 insurance

Maybank SaveUp Account / Maybank Singapore

A higher interest rate per annum as compared to other banks

Maybank iSAVvy Savings Account / Maybank Singapore

The first S$50,000 balance earns at 0.1875% p.a. interest

Maybank Passbook Savings Account / Maybank Singapore

Free Identity Theft Solutions to help in the event of stolen identity

Citibank Basic Banking Account / Citibank Singapore

Provides the potential to earn even higher interest than an ordinary savings account would allow

Citibank Money Market Account / Citibank Singapore

High savings account interest rate with no requirements

Standard Chartered Unlimited$aver / Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

You recieve 0.1% interest on the first $50,000

Standard Chartered e$aver Kids / Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

A current account with a chequebook and a 0.8% interest rate

CIMB StarSaver (Savings) Account / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

Easily qualify for the various interest types like the base interest

OCBC Bonus+ Savings Account / Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

Remit money to Standard Chartared overseas account for free.

Standard Chartered FCY$aver / Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

Providing consumers heavy incentives to make large deposits into their accounts

Standard Chartered e$aver / Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

Invest, trade, pay or receive funds in 5 different foreign currencies

CIMB Foreign Currency Savings Account / CIMB Bank Berhad Singapore Branch

The best high interest account in the market!

UOB One Account / United Overseas Bank

Make use of your UOB Personal Internet Banking to track your account balances

UOB Passbook Savings Account / United Overseas Bank

Only an initial deposit ofy $10 with no fall below fee

Maybank Youngstarz Savings Account / Maybank Singapore

Hit the rate cap and continue to enjoy the base interest rate of 0.01% p.a.

Citibank Tap and Save Account / Citibank Singapore

An account only open to consumers with an Advance banking relationship

HSBC Singapore Dollar Savings Account / HSBC Bank Singapore

The bank can charge a fee if you are unable to maintain the monthly average in your accoun

ICIC Bank Savings Account / ICICI Bank


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