1st Credit Debts Consolidate Loan

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1st Credit SG Pte Ltd allows you to Consolidate Loan and gives you the option to combine all your debts. In essence, you take a bigger loan to pay off a bundle of your current debts rather than paying several different lenders, you'll be paying a solitary bill for the new loan.

1st Credit SG

The Company was incorporated in 1989 by the name of Arishka Moneylender in Singapore. The licensed money lender later changed to 1st Credit SG.The Company provides loans to permanent residents and foreign nationals working in the country besides Singaporeans. The types of loans offered by the company include personal loans, monthly loans, foreigner loans, payday loans, business loans, bridging loans, wedding loans and debts consolidate loans, besides others. The company is constantly striving to solve the financial needs of its clients by coming up with better loan solutions and helping them get a suitable loan as per their requirements in the lowest possible interest rates. The company is now open 7 days a week to better serve its clients. It prides itself on the highly skilled staff that provides appropriate financial advice. Over the years, 1st Credit has developed a sound reputation in terms of customer satisfaction leading to the company’s steady growth.