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TravelEasy brought back their single trip promotion which gives up to 60% off discount valid until November 30, 2019. Benefits like personal accident cover, medical and related benefits cover, travel inconvenience cover, personal liability, lifestyle cover, lifestyle cover and many more were included in TravelEasy. You will get both peace of mind and big savings.

MSIG Insurance Singapore

One of Asia’s leading insurers, MSIG Insurance has had a strong presence in Singapore for over 100 years. The expertise involved in this stable company is a result of many successful mergers that are a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte. Ltd. The parent company of MSIG Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company (MSI) has an impressive profile with total assets of over US$59 billion. The company is also a member of the MS&AD Group, a world-renowned general insurance group that operates in more than 40 countries. MS Amlin, the second-largest Lloyd’s syndicate was taken over by the company in 2015. MSIG Insurance is one of the few foreign‑based general insurers of Singapore that offer a wide variety of financial, banking and insurance solutions to individual consumers and companies. The company’s deeply rooted global networks and partnerships with top-notch agencies, financial firms, and Japanese corporate clients have made them a trust-worthy name in the banking industry.

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Hello everyone! Which travel insurance can you recommend for a businessman who travels abroad frequently for business engagements, considering prices and benefits?

MSIG TravelEasy Standard