IG Forex

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IG affords traders an exquisite choice of fine market research from both in-house and third-party providers. IG provides Forex, Indices, Cryptos, Shares, Commodities, and All markets. They also provide you an Up-to-the-minute analysis. IG helps you a platform by traders, for traders.

IG Asia

IG Asia private limited was established in 1974 with a mission to create a world-class trading platform for investors. Today, it has more than 178,500 clients worldwide with penetration over 16000 markets. It offers the best trading platform for investors to offer multiple trading opportunities through its financial apps and platform. It allows you to trade in forex, shares, indices, commodities and many other options. It is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and fully adhere to all the rules and regulations. It offers personalized services to make sure that you are very well familiar with all products. It has a friendly team to offer you support in case of any technical fault at any time. At IG Asia, your money is kept into a separate bank account and the investment process is completely transparent and secured. IG is regulated by financial conduct Authority (FCA) to keep client money secured and invest in profitable manners.