Maybank Forex

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Maybank forex provides a wide explanation and needs in handling forex market. They elaborate the terms like Over-the-Counter Market (OTC),Spot FX Contract Specifications, Leverage Ratio/Margin Requirement, Margin Call, Stop Out Level, Swaps, Minimum Lot Size and Trading Hours

Maybank Kim Eng Securities

May bank Kim Eng. end was founded in 1972 in Singapore and was previously known to be Kim Eng. holdings. In 1990, It is the first stockbroker company to register into the Singapore stock exchange. Many bank Kim Eng. is the subsidiary and sister company of many banks. My bank is one of the top leading companies and investment groups in Asia. It has been serving for decades and maintains the quality service to different local and international clients. It offers innovate products and marks its name to be the leader in the industry. May bank Kim Eng. has access to many international markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, US, and Hong Kong. It offers personalized trading experience through its award-winning mobile app. It has an award-winning research analyst team to help you make the best investment decision. It offers real-time quotations and innovate trading tools to offer you the best-personalized experience and trading opportunities.