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Utrade has feature called Leveraged Foreign Exchance(LFX). The benifts of LFX are Low cost, High leverage, Deep liquidity, 24-hour market, Hedging risk, advanced strategies. Utrade FX provides a MT4 system.

UOB Kay Hian

UOB kay Hain is the sister company of UOB Group, one of the largest investment groups of Asia with more than 80 branches across Asia, China, Africa, and North America. It has been serving the nation for almost 100 years and has a great reputation and network in the world’s leading corporate organization. UOB kay Hain is based in Singapore and offers multiple products to invest in such as Equities, Bonds, Contracts for difference (CFD’S), Daily leverage certificates (DLC’S), Exchange-traded funds (ETF’S), Future and options, etc. Its services include acquisition finance, Robo advisory, Unit trust, structured financing, margin trading, and wealth management, etc. It has a strong team of experienced and award-winning research analysts to help you make the best investment decisions in complex trading scenarios. It offers great help and 24/7 support to the customer service team to guide you in the best possible manner. With almost serving more than a century, it has created a great trust and reputation within thousands of induvial and corporate clients.