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insuring about 1.3 million customers in Singapore

Aviva Ltd is a well known multifarious insurer with a venerable global reputation. Singapore is one of its leading markets where it is one of the biggest providers of employee benefits and healthcare, which includes being the appointed provider for the Ministry of Home Affairs and safeguarding Singapore Armed Forces servicemen since 1983. It is also the delegated insurer for all eligible public officers and their families and insures about 1.3 million customers and administers approximately S$10.8 billion in assets. Aviva limited proceeds with an objective to offer its customers a view to their self assured future, defying all uncertainties. Aviva Limited provides its customers an extensive concatenation of insurance solutions in fields of Protection & health, General Insurance, Savings & Investments, and Group insurance. All of its products are sold through financial advisers, brokers, corporate partners, direct and online and it also provide facilities such as Integrated Shield health insurance plans, ElderShield and ElderShield Supplements, Wide range of life cover including Term, Whole Life, Critical Illness and Disability, Travel, Car, Home, and Personal Accident plans for individuals, Commercial solutions for businesses.

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Aviva Ltd
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Coverage for pregnant women in their first or second trimester

If you’re an Aviva policyholder or have a family member who is one who qualifies for the 30% discount, then don’t hesitate on going for this. Without a doubt, this is the cheapest and most purchase worth travel insurance you can buy out there. If you’re not a policyholder, it’s still a really good deal if you can get 18% discount with the promo code. Those travelling to a bit more expensive countries will want to get the second tier plan for a few dollars more. For pregnant women in their first or second trimester or just any woman who could be travelling while pregnant, Aviva travel insurance is one of the very few options that will cover your condition.

AVIVA Travel Lite / Aviva

Covers pregnancy-related medical situations

This Aviva travel insurance also covers pregnancy-related medical situations as long as the delivery date is at least 12 weeks away from your return to Singapore. Most other insurance companies are extremely reluctant to bear that risk but I should mention that if you’re planning to get married or engage in some pre-wedding photoshoot overseas, then take advantage of the nicely packaged add-on for comprehensive wedding coverage to help minimise the amount of freaking out over your special day.

AVIVA Travel Plus / Aviva

Pay extra to add on coverage for winter sports and extreme water sports

This cards basic policy covers mainstream stuff like scuba diving and hiking, even as there are quite a lot of exceptions like mountain biking, surfing and flying fox in the package. Irrespective, you can pay extra to add on coverage for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides or for extreme water sports. Extreme latter sports covers the likes of surfing, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking as well as diving as deep as 40m.

AVIVA Travel Prestige / Aviva