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Innovative products and personalized services

OCBC Securities is one of the top leading firms to offer innovative trading products and personalized experience. It offers a variety of products to invest in such as company shares, exchange-traded funds, American depositary receipts, warrants, real estate investment trusts, bonds, etc. Along with so many products, it also gives you a choice to trade through a broker or manage it yourself. That means it’s up to you to use a broker for your trading or do it yourself with a mobile app or portal. To make investment decisions more accurate, it offers OCBC Investment research portal to help investors analyze the different investment plans. It also conducts different seminars such as market & strategy seminars, products & platforms seminars, YIP seminars to best help investors to understand its products and market volatility. It has a 24/7 dedicated team to offer help and support in case of any technical fault or emergency. It has several promotions available on its website to attract the investors.

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OCBC Securities Private Limited
18 Church Street #01-00 OCBC Centre South Singapore 049479