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The fastest growing mobile wallet in Europe

Yoyo Wallet is a mobile payment platform. This UK-based business was founded in 2013 by Alain Falys, Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, Dave Nicholson, and Michael Rolph. The company has grown ever since and now processes over 150,000 monthly in-store transactions. It also serves as a marketing platform for retailers enabling digital customer engagement. The users of the app can quickly pay following a quick scan and even earn in-app rewards. Loyalty programs and rewards are delivered directly to customers following buying patterns. The users also receive personalized offers by the app. The easy-to-use app enables a smooth customer experience. Yoyo Wallet has won multiple awards in 2018 including In-Store Innovation of the Year and Mobile Technology Vendor of the Year. The platform is used by 1.7 million users worldwide. It is funded by 16 investors and has acquired Q App. The estimated annual revenue of the Yoyo Wallet is $4M. GoCardless, Zipmark, and Satispay are major competitors of Yoyo Wallet.

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Yoyo Wallet Limited
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