If you regularly make cashless transactions and want more out of your next credit card, a prestige credit card could offer the extra features you need. While low rate and no annual fee cards exist for cardholders who want a basic card with no frills, prestige cards are designed to complement the lifestyles of bigger spenders. Unfortunately, this means they usually come at a higher cost. Use this guide to understand what constitutes a prestige credit card, the features and fees you can expect and how to compare them to find the right card for you. Image plays a big position in the way human beings treat us, and whilst we can all sympathise with the man in a crew cut and a strolling suit, we would probably be more impressed via a clever haircut and an Armani suit.

For these who earn and spend cash on a total different level, using a normal credit card with its low credit limit and half-hearted advantages feels type of like making an attempt to browse the web with a Nokia 3110, a very limited experience.

But if you spend a total lot of cash and earn even more, you do not want to experience left out of the credit score card game.

On the contrary, like most super matters in life, the very exceptional credit cards are reserved for those with a bulging bank balance.

Sure, there will be humans who may also argue that the benefits they convey don't seem to be that a whole lot better than what everyday cards offer, but it really is variety of like evaluating a $200 knock-off with a $20,000 Rolex. Both do the same thing, but come what may it feels different.

expensive and prestigious credit cards


American Express Centurion Card

American Express Centurion Card, often affectionately called the Amex Black Card, tops our list of the most outrageously desirable credit cards out there. And it's definitely one of the most expensive! If you can afford the $7490 annual fee and are lucky enough to be selected for membership, you will be the proud owner of one of the most prestigious (and expensive) cards in the world. This card comes with no preset spending limit. Card membership is strictly by invitation only, and you will have to prove your spending capabilities as an American Express card member before being considered.

Exclusive Benefits You will enjoy all kinds of benefits, from airport lounge access (at over 700 airport VIP lounges worldwide) to exclusive deals and extras when you stay at hotels, make car rentals or eat at restaurants. As a Centurion cardholder You enjoy a 24/7 concierge service with a dedicated Relationship Manager, and luxury benefits e.g. preferred pricing on supercar and luxury car rentals, a personal shopper at some luxury stores, Starwood Gold Status, onboard credits for luxury cruise bookings and outstanding perks when you stay at many luxury hotels. The benefits may or may not be worth the cost, but the fact that this titanium-crafted card screams success in all parts of the world may be worth the high fee.


Citi ULTIMA is available by invitation only. The $4,160.16 card fee per annum is nothing compared to the $5 million you will have to save up at Citibank before you can try for this ritzy card. If those numbers don't scare you, then this card could work quite well for your lifestyle needs.

Exclusive Benefits The main perk is that you get a personal assistant in the form of a dedicated lifestyle manager. Unlike other concierge services, you get an assigned representative with extensive experience, so it really is like having a personal assistant. If having a lifestyle adviser that can help you organize your travel, handle your exclusive shopping and plan a meeting sounds like a good investment, then the annual fee you pay for this card comes to a lot less than you would pay to hire an assistant. Although if you are rich enough to be considered for this card, the price tag is probably the least of your worries.

UOB Reserve Card

UOB Reserve Card. Those of you who park your money at UOB will be glad to know that this UOB card took third place in our Most Expensive Cards list. At $3852 annual fee, the yearly cost of using this prestigious card comes close to what many people earn monthly! Of course if you have the $2 million in assets at UOB that you need to be considered for UOB Privilege Reserve membership, that annual fee won't make a huge dent in your pocketbook.

Exclusive Benefits Member privileges include a complimentary personalized concierge service, access to a four-hour private yacht experience (up to 14 people) at a relatively low price, complimentary medical concierge services, privileges with your hotel and airlines reservations and other perks. You can feel a little more special when your credit card company wishes you a happy birthday by letting you choose an exclusive menu or spa treatment for two on your birthday month. When it comes time to do your banking, you get VIP treatment at Privilege Reserve Suites or Privilege Banking Centres.

DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card

DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card is the card to get if you want a credit line of $1 million. You will have to wait for an invitation, and that will only come if you have an income of $500,000 or $3 million assets under management per year . If you have achieved that high income, the $3000 annual fee probably won't seem like a huge amount of money. Not for a card with a million dollar credit line anyway.

Exclusive Benefits Perks of this classy DBS card include airport SpeedPass access, Priority Pass airport lounge access and dining privileges at some of Singapore's best restaurants. With a card that promises payment of up to 1 million dollars, you can expect to be treated royally at any establishment island-wide. Your name etched signature-style on this metal card adds a nice effect.

UOB Visa Infinite

UOB Visa Infinite Card is the more "affordable" counterpart of the UOB Privilege Reserve Card with a lower $1926 annual fee (waived first year). This invitation-only credit card will appeal to globetrotters with a healthy bank balance.

Travel Privileges You will receive Hilton HHonors™ Gold Status, and perks at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and the Minor Hotel Group (welcome amenities of up to US$100 value per stay, complimentary food & beverage (lunch/dinner), spa treatments or credits, free daily breakfast for two persons, room upgrades, early check-in and late check-out). When you book a pair of suites, first or business class airline tickets on Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways or Qatar, you will enjoy a complimentary one-way limousine transfer in BMW 5 series or equivalent. How is that for an exclusive privilege?

Exclusive Benefits You also get a concierge service, home assistance (covering up to $100 in repairs up to twice a year) and towing/roadside repair in Singapore. Enjoy complimentary green fees all year round at Sentosa Golf Club, and get discounts on exclusive golf courses around the world. Plus, you can get top discounts on Hertz and Avis car rentals.