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Offering e-payment solutions and simplified banking to the underbanked in Southeast Asia

FlexM is a Singaporean company that was founded by A. Georg E. Dokken and Naveed Weldon in 2015 to provide financial services that are accessible through mobile devices to the underbanked populations in Asia. FlexPay is a service provided by the company that offers a ‘mobile wallet’. This ‘mobile wallet’ provides multiple banking and payment solutions. It also includes a virtual prepaid MasterCard with its four physical copies. The remittance rates it offers claim to be more affordable than the established services like Western Union. Users can transfer money online, make online purchases, manage finances, and much more. The company is based in Singapore and this service is only available for residents of Singapore. FlexM has collaborated with Singapore’s MatchMove and has announced a digital partnership with the renowned Asian Development Bank (ADB) to co-create a digital payment solution. The company has a promising future as it has already expanded to 3 countries.

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FlexM Pte. Ltd
105 Cecil Street #13-00, The Octagon (Rm No. 1310) Singapore 069534