The most recognizable invention famously known for its use as transportation is the car. The only way I can get around town is to use some mode of transportation involving four wheels. If you own a car you understand how reliable they can be, however, they can be a huge responsibility. For a car to be strong and in top performance, you need to have developed a good routine of maintenance for your vehicle. One of the most essential items for your car is petrol or gas. As humans, we need food to have the energy to function properly for the day, in the same manner, a car needs gas to function properly.

Petrol or gas comes at a price that we regularly pay for. Whether we like it or not we have to pay high prices for this essential item. Without gas, our cars won't be able to function properly. Do you know that motorists in Singapore are overpaying for petrol most of the time? Accordingly to some research motorists are found to be wasting as much as S$40 million each year because they do not have a clear idea of the effective petrol prices across brands. So the question arises 'How could you save money on this one essential item?'

Moderation in Speed

moderation speed


I might sound like your grandmother but driving too fast actually waste gas. I know driving at a moderate speed might sound boring, although driving at a constant speed helps your engine function more efficiently.

This means avoiding speeding, as well as sudden deceleration and hard starts. These actions not only increase fuel consumption by as much as 40%, but they can also cause more wear and tear to your vehicle.

Loyalty Programs

loyalty programs


If you are constantly on the road and have to drive long distance a loyalty rewards program might be the way to go. Not only do you get to enjoy discounts on fuel purchases every time you fill up your gas tank, but you can also earn rewards points that you can later redeem for free fuel, convenience store items, gifts and more.

Here's a quick list of some companies that offer loyalty reward programs:

    • Esso has its Smiles driver rewards programme
  • Caltex has its Plus! programme
  • SPC has its SPC&U programme
  • Shell has its Shell Escape programme

Using a Petrol Savings Card

credit card saving petrol


In addition to joining loyalty programmes offered by the different petrol brands in Singapore, it is always a good idea that you join those discounts with a petrol savings credit card to increase your savings!

Some credit cards have tie-ups with a specific petrol brand while others may offer discounts for a handful of different brands.

Avoid Driving in Rush Hour

rush hour

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We all hate being stuck in traffic so try avoiding rush hour can help with your petrol cost. The frequent stopping and starting of your car drink up fuel quicker than you can blink your eyes. Which means you are losing more money and fuel.

Your Car is NOT your Second Apartment

car eco-friendly


Have you ever been inside of a car and realized it looks like someone lives in there? Although that might be true storing too many items in your car might actually weigh down your car. A heavier car filled with too many things will take your money. If your aim is to cut your fuel consumption and emissions in an attempt to save money while being a more eco-friendly driver, be sure to remove all unnecessary items from your car right away and stop treating it like a storeroom.

Choosing a New Ride

hybrid car


If you are looking to change your car, you might want to consider one that’s more fuel-efficient. In fact, hybrid cars are popular these days. Overall, hybrid cars can be 40 percent more fuel efficient than comparable petrol-powered ones.

Don't Spend Your Money on a Higher Grade of Petrol Carelessly

high grade petrol


CCS also found that motorists are also spending unnecessarily on a higher grade of petrol than their vehicles need, despite studies showing that there is no difference to engine performance when one uses a higher petrol grade than suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.

Using high-grade petrol has no obvious impact on fuel consumption for motorists, so think twice before getting the higher grade petrol! Imagine that you are using Shell’s 98-Octane instead of 95-Octane petrol and spending an extra $0.32 per litre. Say if you use an average 50-litre per month and 600 litres per year, you’d be saving $192 just by switching the type of petrol you use.

Compare Fuel Prices Diligently

compare petrol price


The study done by the CCS reported that nearly three in five (58%) motorists adhered to the same petrol brand between 2012 and 2016, regarding the nearby location of the retailer, and their satisfaction with the perks they are getting, are among the top reasons why motorist returned.

This means that only one in five consumer compared prices diligently. Instead of relying on the perceived discounts you are getting or pumping your petrol from convenient locations, you might want to start comparing fuel prices more diligently. Compare prices from different locations within a 20-minute drive.

While the purchase of your car comes at a cost, you can always look to save on your overall car recurring costs, such as petrol spend and car insurance. The eight practical tips provided above can be implanted in your daily life to help cut down the cost of petrol. Now you can drive off in confidence knowing you're saving some cash and gas.