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I have a friend that has a hearing disability with ID, can she avail discounts when he travel across country?

My bestfriend has a hearing disability and wears hearing aid, she uses her PWD ID everytime we eat in restaurants or purchase food. This year, we are travelling across country and we hope we could avail discounts with her ID since we are kind of short in money. She is very excited and wants to pursue the travel so we hope we could avail discounts, even if it is just for her.

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    An article was released last 2016 that every person with a disability and their company is given a free entrance to particular tourist spots and museums in Singapore. There will also be assistance of inflight safety video available in sign language in the Singapore airline. An ensured travel will be presented to a person with disability given that they are prioritized.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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