Local buyers who choose to pay in installments and are comfortable with Visa payWave may be interested in DBS Black Visa Card. Cardholders earn extra miles from neighborhood purchases the use of a cellular pockets and get hold of discounts of up to 10% off pick retail and tour reserving sites. Those who make massive purchases they'd opt for to pay off over time can revel in the card's 0% interest installment graph with no processing charge for up to 12 months.

Others might think it’s bad luck to wear black. But that sure hasn’t hurt DBS Black Visa Card’s popularity. The card itself looks pretty sleek and is marketed as ideal for shopaholics, letting you earn up to 1.2 miles per $1 spent. But how useful it it really? Let’s take a look.

How Can I Get a DBS Black Card?

  1. REGISTER your desire of category: Dining, Groceries or Shopping 2. SPEND a minimum of S$600 for New Cardmembers or S$800 for Existing Cardmembers each calendar month. 3. ENJOY 6% cashback on your favored category!

Good for

Consumers who want to earn miles on contactless payments People who mostly shop locally Individuals who prefer to pay off big purchases in installments

Bad for

Consumers who frequently shop online and overseas Individuals seeking rewards for a broad range of daily spend Consumers who prefer earning cashback to miles

Local buyers who select to pay in installments and are relaxed with Visa payWave may also be interested in DBS Black Visa Card. Cardholders earn more miles from neighborhood purchases the use of a cellular pockets and get hold of reductions of up to 10% off choose retail and travel reserving sites. Those who make massive purchases they'd decide on to pay off over time can experience the card's 0% interest installment format with no processing rate for up to 12 months. However, this card's rewards are normally lower than other picks whilst its S$192.6 annual charge is waived only the first year, lowering its final fee even further.

What Makes DBS Black Visa Card Stand Out

DBS Black Visa Card rewards local shoppers who like to pay over installments and who are relaxed using contactless price methods. Cardholders earn 1.2 miles per S$1 spend on nearby Visa payWave purchases (using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay), which is not awesome considering there are many cards that provide the same quantity of miles for every local transaction. All other spend, inclusive of overseas, earn just 0.4 miles per S$1 spend.

The most stand-out characteristic is the card's 0% interest installment format with repayments over 3, 6, or 12 months with no processing fee. Consumers can follow for the layout before making purchases of at least S$100 to keep away from introduced expenses at some stage in repayment. Purchases spread over 18 or 24 months are no longer eligible, however, and have a processing rate of 6% and interest prices of 7.86% and 5.98%, respectively. Otherwise, DBS Black Visa cardholders can without difficulty pay back large purchases over time barring delivered costs.

DBS Black Visa Card has drawbacks, however. Only a very restricted range of expenditures qualify for the higher rewards rate, while most purchases–including all overseas transactions–can only earn 0.4 miles per S$1 spend. Most tour cards offer similar or significantly higher rewards charges for nearby and distant places spend, while some cashback cards provide greater cashback for online/mobile spend. DBS Black Visa Card additionally charges a S$192.6 annual fee, waived solely the first year, detracting similarly from the card's value.

Consumers who are not likely to use the 0% activity installment sketch may instead think about DBS Altitude Visa Card for higher miles and travel perks, or OCBC Frank Card or OCBC 365 Card which reward mobile, online, and offline spend with excessive cashback rates.

Top 5 Most Prestigious Credit Cards in Singapore for Crazy Rich Asians!!!

American Express Centurion Black Card

Once you go black, you don’t go back. And you without a doubt don’t want to, due to the fact you’ve already reached the pinnacle of the credit card mountain if you find the American Express Centurion Black Card ready mysteriously in the mail.

You can’t follow for it. You can only wait for AMEX to prolong a rare invitation. Neither can you discover advertising collaterals or gain illustrations on the bank’s website. Not many absolutely understand the full array of privileges it gifts. The card is like Thor’s hammer – two solely the important can wield and swipe it. From what we know, Black Card holders aren’t confined by way of any deposit limit. Yes, you’ve read that right. There doesn’t appear to be an quit to the perks that come with it too. If you’ve made it previous the road blocks which encompass an annual spending of $250,000 and above, smooth savings records and billion-dollar net really worth (so to speak), you get to revel in 24/7 private concierge services, first-rate flight upgrades, VIP get right of entry to to over 600 airport lounges, personal consumer and personal travel agent.

Annual fee: $7,490 How to qualify: Possess an high-quality history of credit. Be an existing American Express Platinum Card member to improve your chance. Charge as tons as you can to your credit card (at least $250,000 to be exact).

Citi Ultima

It would seem Citi Ultima is the intention of Citi's elite members. Getting a little nearer to that intention is just a simple depend of gathering at least $5 million in property below administration at Citi. No biggie, right?

If your identify takes place to pop up on the non-public banking radar, you’ll get that exceptional invitation name you’ve been ready for. From there, you’ll have an assigned Lifestyle Relationship Manager tagged to you. One who would scour the ends of Earth to invulnerable that restrained version crocodile skin Birkin bag or an ultra-rare 1960 vintage port for you.

Annual fee: $3,888 How to qualify: Have at least $5 million in property with Citibank. By some loopy stroke of luck, if you strike Toto or Big Sweep (or both) one day, immediately communicate to a Citibank wealth supervisor on how you can make investments and grow your newfound wealth with them.

DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card

In order to qualify, or should we say, get invited to own it, you must be earning an annual income of at least $500,000.

The credit limit you get upon ownership of the Insignia Visa card is double of that at a cool $1 million. DBS will also hand out 100,000 air miles as a welcome gift, more than enough to tempt you into a free round trip to Maldives. The way we see it, the DBS Insignia Visa Infinite credit card brings a whole new meaning to precious metals.

Annual fee: $2,000 How to qualify: You can either work so hard to make the $500,000 annual income mark, or work even harder to have $3 million in assets under DBS.

OCBC Elite World Card

With the annual fee of $1,605 and qualifying annual income of at least $250,000, the barriers to entry are relatively low compared to the other top of the line credit cards. But that’s not the coolest part; we’ll get there in a bit. For such manageable pre-requisites, you get access to the MasterCard concierge service that promises ‘no request is too great’.

Annual fee: $1,605 How to qualify: By invitation for Premier Banking customers only. Frankly speaking, starting out with OCBC Frank and working your way up to OCBC Premier Banking could put you in good stead.

UOB Reserve Card

For starters, you can reserve a private yacht charter for up to 14 lucky members of your inner circle and set sail with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Higher up in the air, you can rope your significant other in on your next adventure with the two-to-go airfare deals on Singapore Airlines, where you can also be bumped up with Suite, First and Business class perks. If you’re not making yourself at home at these places outside of home, then you’re not using the UOB Reserve credit card right.

Annual fee: $3,852 How to qualify: You still don’t see the pattern yet? Just be really, really wealthy. Through legal means.