The person who scammed has already tracked

My friend and I have been scammed by a person named Joshua, he told us that he owns a business that is well-knowned in Singapore. We do not know much abount investments and Joshua seems to be a nice guy. He showed us id's and other paper works that seems legit. We invested on their company that he told us, and after settling the deal, we tried to contact him after a month to see how is our investment. Later that day, we got help from other people to see the company he told. We just knew that we are scammed because of the fake company name.

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    Scams do not only occur in Singapore, most of the time they are being scammed online that came from foreign countries. There are cases when you are being scammed in person by the dealer you have talked to. When you are scammed, report immediately to the police on what happened to you. Once the report is sumbitted the authorities will do their best to help you. If the scammer gets caught. You can reposses the things that have been taken away from you.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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