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I feel chest pains but I don't think the doctor who diagnosed me was right

I went to a clinic today with one of my friends who felt like I needed a check up since my coughs have been quite frequent and I haven't been getting any better, I went to this clinic that I haven't been in since I recently just moved and as soon as I went inside at took a check up the doctor immediately knew what it was, he claimed that It was a disease that I haven't actually heard of, I'd like to believe what he is saying is true but I don't know If I should since he's prescribing me medication that costs more than I can earn.

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    That is definitely a scam, honestly no doctor in the right mind would diagnose a patient without even checking for blood pressure or without any use of equipment, this just sounds to me like the doctor you encountered was just taking a wild guest and is only doing this for his own benefit, so you'd buy expensive medication for him to earn a huge amount of money, my advice to you would to definitely consider reporting him and getting out of there.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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