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What are the requirements when applying for flexible work schedules?

I really need to apply for a flexible work schedule because my company is suffering greatly and I don;t want to retrench my employees just because of mismanagement. I really need to be granted the approval which is why I need to gather the requirements needed when applying for the flexible work schedule.

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    First you need to justify your need through a proposal for implementing flexible work schedule and ensure that employees should continue to receive their monthly basic salary when they work less than the contractual hours. It is important that you have a good track record in safety and health. You must observe the maximum 12 hours daily working limit and monthly 72 hours overtime limit. The difficult process is to get consent from unions if unisoned and more than 50% of the affected employees if not unisoned and for the benefit of the employees, put in place profit sharing or incentive scheme for employees who participate in the flexible working schedule.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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