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They changed the contract

The company that I am working on has given me a lot of tasks to do. I do not decline those jobs because they are supposed to pay me for those jobs that I have worked for. We agreed that I am paid differently per project that is assigned to me. It is written in our contract and I signed the terms and conditions because it met the expectation that I am striving for. Now everything changed since there are a lot of workers. I am not being paid as told.

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    In every company, there are people who work hard to feed their families. But there are some cases that the employer does not pay the employees at the right amount. Before you start your work, there is a contract that should be signed. All the terms and conditions are there and the benefits that you are gonna get. If the employer breaches the contract, you can demand them to the authorities if the company would not cooperate.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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