An agency I applied for is a fraud.

I am looking for a job and tried looking on a recruitment agency. There was this agency that I found and it seems great since many were given a job in their field. I was confident and applied for product merchandiser. I was satisfied as they gave me a job that has a reasonable wage. But then, when I went to the job interview they told me that there was no hiring jobs open for them since last month. I was frustrated and found out that I was scammed.

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    There are a lot of fake agencies out there. It is not only being committed here in Singapore but also in other countries. When you are fraud by a fake agency, report them to the authorities as soon as possible. They might have not gotten away immediately so they can track their position. Always check the feedbacks about the agencies that you are applying for before giving them payments and your documents.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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