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I want to work abroad, what are the opportunities that are waiting for me?

I am a graduate in architect and I took up units in education. Its been a year since I became a professor in the school I graduated in. As I strive to better in being both an architect and an educator, I feel like I lack confidence in my experiences. I feel confined in this university that's why I want to seek other opportunities abroad that will help me grow in both experiences and knowledge, not just in my field but with othet people and other culture.

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    In Singapore, a lot people go there to seek jobs that is best in their field. Not every field in Singapore is needed. Singapore is only a small country but has a lot of job openings. Being an architect, is a one of the high paying jobs. You can seek for companies who hires architects and sends them to other countries for referrals. In Sinrapore, you must help each other. By working for a company there, you can be known for your work abroad.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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