How much do we get paid on a public holiday? Do we also get payed if the holiday falls on a weekday?

It is my first time celebrating a holiday here in Singapore. It just so happens that this holiday fell on a weekend and it occured to me that I haven't researched or asked how much I get payed on a holiday. Do I still get payed on a holiday even if it falls on a weekend? Would there be any deductions in case I still get payed on a weekend holiday?

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    You are entitled to your gross rate of pay on a public holiday if you were not absent on the working day before or after a holiday without consent or you are on authorised leave. The Employment Act states that if a public holiday falls on a non-working day, you are entitled to another day off or one extra day's salary in lieu of the public holiday.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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