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Affrordable regular travel insurance plans

NTUC travel insurance isn’t exactly the cheapest plan, but their regular travel insurance plans are very affordable especially when there’s a promotion going on. If you have a pre-existing medical condition,NTUC Enhanced PreX is one of the very few travel insurance options for you. It is pricey for sure, but probably worth the money if you have a life-threatening condition like asthma or heart disease. Make sure that the plan is sufficient to cover your overseas expenses and or evacuation.

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    Extreme thrill seekers may want to go for a more lenient insurance provider

    The good news is that NTUC travel insurance does offer generally good coverage all around and if you’re going to Japan to see cherry blossoms or to Seoul to catch your favourite K-pop group for instance, the classic plan is more than adequate. On the other hand, NTUC does not cover a whole lot of adventurous activities. Common vacation activities like scuba diving and skiing are covered, but extreme thrill seekers may want to go for a more lenient insurance provider.

    NTUC Income Enhanced PreX Classic / NTUC Income Insurance

    Cover pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma, eczema, diabetes and high blood pressure

    NTUC Income is one of just two insurers in Singapore that provide comprehensive travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma, eczema, diabetes, high blood pressure, even heart disease. The obvious difference between a PreX plan and a regular plan is price. The cheapest NTUC Enhanced PreX plan costs over twice the price of a regular basic plan so for those who have major health problems, you don’t have much of a choice. There’s no point buying a cheap normal insurance with no coverage, because you won’t be able to claim medical expenses, evacuation costs or travel delays linked to a flare-up of your condition. It is especially worth the money if your condition is either life-threatening or very expensive to treat overseas.

    NTUC Income Enhanced PreX Deluxe / NTUC Income Insurance