Singapore is the world’s most highly-priced city to stay in. There is no denying to the fact that it presents a secure and exquisite lifestyle. However, saving and budgeting your month-to-month costs right here can be a little tricky. By the hard work and sacrifices, we earn a lot of money. Saving even a cent of that money gives us an unmatched pleasure and joy. Here are the lists of nice WEBSITES AND APPLICATIONS that supply you the nice deals and assist you keep some bucks:

My Fave Singapore

My Fave Singapore

This is an awesome internet site for getting some of the nice deals in one-of-a-kind categories. From restaurants, cafes and bars to spas, salons and gyms. One of the best things about My Fave is that it covers nearly all aspects. The offers are as good as forty to 90% discounts! In addition to promotional offers in eateries and fitness/beauty outlets, My Fave offers some of the first-class offers for activity centers. Imagine, taking part in karaoke with your partner or taking your child out for a enjoyable recreation round – all at discounted rates! Won’t your weekends be greater enjoyable except having to empty your pockets for all of this? You can also plan a getaway or a staycation making use of the superb waivers accessible on this website’s travel deals. The web site offers alluring deals for air tickets, ferries, hotels/resorts and local tour.

iPrice Sg


Another internet site is iPrice Sg that provides a host of offers and discounts. It works the use of the idea of “search, compare and save”. It lets you discover your favourite product and services, scans thru the web for promo deals on them and lets you select the quality option. The major categories in which you can discover promotions on this internet site are Electronics, Gaming & Fashion, Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, Home & Living, Kids & Toys, Travel & Hotels, and Health & Hygiene. One of the unique features of this internet site is the #trends section. It tells you about the trendiest and in-demand discounts on famous items. There is yet an another part committed to great offers on hand on famous brands. The “Coupons” section gives you a perception into the great offers accessible in Singapore at a given time. You can discover all your preferred brands here, from Uber to KFC and Zalora to Red Mart.



Picodi is a startup that is regularly credited for revolutionizing online purchasing in Singapore. It famous the great offers on hand on all possible manufacturers in Singapore. It aggregates e-commerce websites like Fairprice, Lazada and Shopee, NTUC and I kid you not – Grab and Uber promotions. The internet site has a special “Bargain Hunting” part that gives away exceptional tricks and pointers to get maximum discounts and great deals. It has a host of categories with some of the fine deals. Select the category of your desire and avail superb waivers. The “Top 50” section on the Picodi site helps you browse through the most famous offers trending in the city. The “Expiring Soon” column tells you about final minute offers that you can avail before they lapse, ensuring that you do no longer leave out out on great deals.



Another great discount destination is Cuponation. Don’t we all simply love coupons? Cuponation Singapore is a treasury of promo codes and discount coupons. They convey wonderful opportunities for online customers to retailer on day-to-day buying indulgence. With presents from pinnacle stores like Zalora, Lazada, Redmart, Nike, Expedia amongst different nearby players in the Singaporean market, there’s the entirety you need.



Deals-Singapore is another umbrella website comprising a variety of categories with great offers and offers. You can either access these offers through signing up on their internet site or you can download the mobile app and surf promotions while on the go. The Deals-Singapore app is well suited for each Android and iOS. On this website, you can filter the offers on the basis of new, expires within 24 hours, category, rate and proportion slabs. This makes the search for the most appropriate deal less complicated and quicker.

Every Singaporean Shopaholic Swears By Shopping Online While Saving Money

Every Singaporean Shopaholic Swears By Shopping Online While Saving Money

Some can’t resist online shopping, maybe even you. That's why while you’re at it, you might as well use these tricks to save money.

Make a Wish List

When it comes to shopping, good things do sometimes come to those who wait and take a little risk. The next time you see something definitely a "must have", add it to your wish list. Let it sit there for a bit and see if you leave it out a week later or if it is already forgotten the next day. According to some insider intel, if you leave some stuff in your cart and shut the window without checking out, you could be even offered a promo code.

Live Chat Your Way to a Discount

The customer service group is there to help, so use it. Ask if there are any on-going sales or promo codes that you would possibly otherwise not be aware of.

The Best Days To Shop

According to a retailer reporting service, SumAll, the exceptional days to save are Tuesday and Thursday. These are reportedly the days with the fine possibilities of snagging a great deal.

Free Shipping

While shipping is free on sites like ASOS and Shopbop, many nonetheless require a minimum spend the shipping cost is waived. One of the oldest trick in the shopaholic book is to arrange a "shop pool" with your friends. That way, you accumulate your purchases into one order, no stress to spend extra than you prefer to simply to qualify for complimentary shipping.

Spend to Earn

The concept of saving or earning money as you spend is such a delicious thought, isn't it? All you have to do is make all payments using the proper credit card for online shopping. That's why, you can earn cashback, which is like having a discount on your purchases.


This is a reward website that lets you earn cashback when you shop at any of their accomplice brands. Once you've collected S$10 or greater in cashback, they redeem it to in cold tough cash.

Be Friends With Your Favourite Brands

Finally, if you choose to be up to speed with all the trendy offers or be amongst the first to get on sale, the no-brainer would be to observe your preferred brands and e-commerce websites on social media.

Money Saving Hacks at the Grocery Store

grocery store


Do you find your grocery bill too big? Well, there's good news! You can shrink your major money on groceries by following these frugal shopping hacks.

Buy your grocery needs through online

There are good reasons why you should shop for groceries online. Regardless of whether you are in the market for natural produce, fresh foods, unusual ingredients or even gourmet produce, all of these are available online. Not only does online grocery shopping help you keep time, however additionally you get the advantage of evaluating items and costs without difficulty on the internet site of your favorite online grocer or even across one of a kind e-grocers. Additionally, you get to visually see how a good deal your objects will value you in one look after you've got introduced them to your purchasing cart. An amount that's on the excessive aspect could very well on the spot you to review the gadgets in your buying cart and possibly take away these that you do not surely want but added into your cart just because.

Use a credit card that gives you grocery savings

There are a million and one credit cards on the market, but not all of them will provide you the equal mileage when it comes to grocery shopping. For instance, some fuss-free cash back credit cards may additionally be foolproof, however they might also now not provide the perfect quantity of financial savings overall. The great credit cards for groceries in Singapore can provide you cash rebates as high as 8% every time you stock up your fridge and pantry! Just make an intellectual note to take a look at out their card opinions to see what these cards absolutely have to offer.

Don’t do grocery shopping when you’re hungry

If you head to the grocery store when you are starving, possibilities are you will end up shopping for greater matters than at the start intended. And that translates to greater grocery bills. It is additionally not stunning that many of things you end up buying might also be snacks and junk food that value upward of $5 a pop. Let's face it, snacks like potato chips and sweets aren't precisely the cheapest, and when we purchase them, we purchase a lot of them. Take a shut seem to be at the price tags the next time you head to the grocery store if you do not agree with me.

Money Saving Lessons

save money shopping


Whether it’s saving up for a wet day, or prioritising what to focus on is when we’re planning our budgets, we can use Ministry of Finance's core standards to maintain us greater prince (or princess) than pauper. MOF manages Singapore’s budget with current and future desires in mind, making sure we have adequate to spend for the year while maintaining responsible rainy day funds locked away. They balance temporary spending with saving and long-term goals. For example, would it be better to provide out GST vouchers yearly? Or would it be better spent on creating new programmes to help those in need? What’s the proper stability and trade-offs to be made? This equal guiding logic that they used can be utilized to our lives - and it’s a difficult balance, but as lengthy as they proceed budgeting carefully, spending judiciously, and prioritising, Singapore's in quite darn excellent hands. Many of us can assume back to our early 20s and pinpoint some enormously awful mistakes. Instead of feeling embarrassed about the way you seen and spent money, use your new discovered understanding as a stepping stone to better habits. Whether it’s an attachment to emotional spending or reckless credit card use, the good news is that in your 20s, you’re simply starting your adult life, and there’s plenty of time to right any wrongs. In fact, it’s never too late start enhancing your financial habits. Begin today and be aware of that your previous errors have helped to make you a better person.