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I'm going to somewhere and only then suddenly a thief has gone by taking my pocket and all my money in the middle of a big city. On where I'm new. So what will I do?

In fact, this talk is of when. When I was going to give an interview with a job in another city. Which was a fully unknown city for me. As soon as I reached to that unknown place so I went near to a shop to drink a coffee. I was drinking coffee only then suddenly a thief came towards one side and he ran away by taking my pockets and my bag. Because of which I became bigger in that city. And my interview is in two hours. And I've to attend this interview in the case. Because this interview is my life. But the problem is that where n is the interview. I haven't money to go till there. But I should my lost pocket money and have to attend the interview within two hours. How should I do possible?

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    First of all, you need to keep patience. And don't need to worry. First of all, you need to take to lift from someone. Not to go interview place, first, you must need to go to the police station. After that, you need to track your ATM card through police officer's help which maybe will be in your pocket. I think that the thief’s location will get your police officer. After that, your police team will catch that thief within one hour. Now finely your all things will get to you. Now you can go to that interview.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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