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Can someone share the best travel hacks?

I am particularly concerned with booking inexpensive flight tickets, Domestic or International, Local attractions, Food and accommodation.

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    Always clear your cookies or opt search in private browsing mode. 2) Be Flexible with your dates - You can find the best time for your budget 3) Check Airline websites than just Aggregation websites 4) Choose nearby Airports with lesser taxes 5) Plan in Advance - Ideal time to get great fares is 51 days and usually airlines release their deals on a Tuesday. 6) Choose airports that are faster to transfer than taking a train, bus and 500m walk to change terminals. 7) Always Check-in online and Use Airline Seat Maps, Flights shopping and Flight information. 8) Don’t eat in restaurants close to attractions and tourist spots - Overpriced and do not taste well. Always go to restaurants where locals eat. May not have the best ambiance, but they do have really tasty food. 9) Always try to find a friend who lives in that city, this is way you could save loads but check out Vacation Rentals, Homes, Airbnb if you do not have anyone. 10) Always do public transport within the city if you do solo travel. Safe travels!

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