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Paying for a damaged item

Unfortunately, while shopping, the salesman bumped into my brother and he hit one of the shelves full of glasses. It was too expensive if we are going to pay for all the damages. Considering the situation, my brother is not the one at fault because the salesman was the one who hit him. I was wondering if there is a law regarding paying for the damages when my brother was not the one completely at fault.

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    It will be the salesman's fault since he was the one that bumped into your brother which resulted to the breaking of glasses. It will be a huge amount of money so it is better to just compromise and pay half the price. It will be too burdensome to pay for it alone and it will be disheartening if the salesman will handle it all. Thinking that all his salary will go paying for the broken glasses.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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