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I paid for to a travel agency and it turns out to be a fraud.

Travel agents or agencies are the ones who can book your trips, including your hotel and even airline ticket. Even though they are a big help for you to travel some agencies can be a fraud. Travel agency fraud can occur in person, but also common online. They make misleading claims, for example, a great discount for the travel.l They have many gimmicks that are why many people got scammed. In online, these agency frauds create a website that people can easily access and they used it to book their destination. After they used it, they pay using their credit cards and fraudsters can take that card’s information.

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    Bank can only covered expenses if you already on travel. In your case, you are just in the process to go on a travel and it is the bank that has nothing to do with the expenses. But, you can check the history of your transaction to track the owner of the account where you deposit your payment. It is the best what the bank can do for you. To avoid this kind of problem, you should research the agencies that you contact. Many people now are posting their experiences on this kind of matter. Select an agency that has good reviews.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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