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I always go on a business trips

As a business owner, I am always busy most of the time. Time is gold for me, every second is precious and needs to be well spent. I do not feel well for a while. I just drank some medicines for headaches. I am still not feeling well. I appointed a doctor to come to the company to diagnose me and give me a prescription. He them told me that I need to be hospitalized because of the test results. But I do not have time for that

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    You can go on a business trip even though you are sick. It is your choice to proceed on your flight or not. You can be an outpatient while going on your business trips. Just make sure to be able to contact your doctor anytime you do not feel well. Make sure to drink the the medicine that has been given to you. If you have a virus that is contagious, you cannot proceed to your trips and must be quarantined if needed.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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