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How to retrench responsibly?

Our company needs to retrench some of our employees for various reasons. I want to be a responsible employer and take responsibility for the retrenchment. What should I do to responsibly retrench some of my employees? When should I notify them of the retrenchment and what other processes are necessary for me to undergo to compensate for the retrenchment?

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    As an employer you must retrench your employees responsibly and fairly. There are certain things you have to consider before deciding to retrench an employee. Take a long term view of your manpower needs, including the need to maintain a strong Singaporean core. Inform the Ministry of Manpower before doing oo. Do not discriminate your employees based on their ability to benefit your company in the future. Treat your affected employee with dignity and respect. You should help your affected employees look for alternative jobs and you should pay them all their salary on the last day of employment. Don't forget to give your employees their retrenchment benefits.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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