They are lacking manners

I am a fresh graduate and is just want to start my life by getting a decent job that gives the right amount of salary. I applied to this company that I saw in the ads. I got a call back from them and told me to attend the orientation and seminar that they are conducting for those applicants who have a chance of getting the job. But I observed that the place itself is not working friendly, but I already signed the papers. What should I do?

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    Every year, fresh graduates strive to have a great work place that will suit their field and apply what they learned and make the country a great place. But as you grow old, you loose focus on what your plans. You will notice that not everyone who is working are the same. Some of them lack manners. If you encountered someone like that, always keep it professional and always respect others.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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