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Who has an idea what the make-up of this new SAFRA DBS Credit & Debit Cards is all about?

How can I use my SAFRA$? Who can tell me the eligibility to apply for the SAFRA DBS Debit Card and how many Supplementary Cards one can have under the SAFRA DBS Credit card?

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    The SAFRA DBS Debit Cards plays a double as both a Debit card as well as a SAFRA Membership Card. For SAFRA DBS Debit Card members, SAFRA$ can be used to offset purchases at SAFRA clubhouses and redeem SAFRA$ to be credited to the Current/Savings Account linked to your SAFRA DBS Debit Card. Eligibility for the SAFRA DBS Credit or Debit Card is exclusive to SAFRA Members only. While a female Spouse or child dependant (18 years and above) can apply for the supplementary SAFRA DBS Credit Card, the Principal member has to be a SAFRA DBS Credit Card member. Approvals of the Credit Card is also subjected to application requirements of the DBS Credit Card. If the Principal SAFRA DBS Credit card member is a male then card member then supplementary cards for the female spouse must be accompanied with the marriage certification document and Children although with no limitation, but must be 20 years and below and accompanied with birth certification document upon application.

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