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How do businesses launder money?

I am a bit curious about how businesses successfully lauder transactions relative to the average revenue of the business.

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    Take the following examples; if your corner store sells 1,000 dollars a day of materials, you can hide 100 dollars. But if you show an extra 100,000 in sales one day, and no less merchandise than you had before, it will get flagged. In another instance if you transact 20 million in cash every day, hiding $100,000 is easy but you can’t hide 200 million on a 20 million daily volume. Laundering just means getting it into the banking system without it being noticed plus getting it in in a way that is justifiable and tax clean. You also have to deal with questions of declarations and unexplained wealth orders, so it’s best to keep lifestyles low-key.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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