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Who can tell why two room apartments cost tow times the rent of a one room apartment?

Why do two room apartments cost more than a one room apartment? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a roommate to help pay rent if it doubles?

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    Well actually, a two bedroom apartment does not cost double what one-bedroom apartments do. At least not double as you think. The difference in price is usually around 20%-30%. So if a 1-bedroom is renting for $1,000, a 2-bedroom would often rent for $1,300. This assumption however is based on comparing highly similar properties, such as in the same neighborhood, on the market at basically the same time, same building and in-unit features (e.g. updated kitchen and bathroom, heat, air-conditioning, overall age and niceness). The easiest example is two different units in the same building or apartment complex.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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