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Should I make a mobile app for my business?

A lot of company are making mobile applications for their business. Should our company also make a mobile application for our business? What are the main reason why we should make a mobile application for our business and how would making a mobile application benefit our business? Are there also disadvantages to making a mobile applicaion?

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    Creating a mobile application helps your business be visible at all time and it would also help provide value to your customers. Being visible means that you can have more engagement with your customers thus making your brand recognizable. This would help cultivate your customer's loyalty and make you stand out from competitors.

    2020.03.24 15:44
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    Hi everyone! I came across a new online bank app in Singapore, Lucy, and wanted to share. My friend told me about it when I needed to take out extra money, and was going to reach out to a moneylender. I’ve asked my boss for money a few times already, but felt embarrassed to ask again. All I had to do was friend my boss on Lucy, and I was able to request for a loan from her on the app itself. 1. It let me select my loan amount 2. Allowed me to choose loan for how many months 3. Let me choose how much money to pay back monthhly I could even add a personalized message, which was then sent to my boss. My boss accepted my request, and now the both of us are able to see my loans and when I’m paying back. SO much easier! And now I am not embarrassed anymore :) I take loans when I have to, and also have a way to track when to return it.

    2021.08.13 15:46

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