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How do I spot loan scams?

Not all scammers are obvious and easy to spot. Scamming has been a major problem for business owners worldwide and in worst cases, they are not identified and could still roam freely. I want to protect my business from these people by being able to identify or at least be aware of their presence in case one tries to scam me.

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    Scammers have developed a lot of techniques to stip businesses of its money. There are general types of scams to look out for. First is the peer-to-peer lending scam. The second one isthe credit repair scam. New business owners should worry about this because they target new business owners offering to increase their credit scores for a certain fee but this is all a scam. The third one is the consultancy fee scam where the scammers convince to offer you assistance in getting a loan even though it is not that hard for you to need an assistant. There are many more to watch out for. Key is to alwayys be alert and analyze the situation.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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