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What skills should I have to be a good investor?

I am a young investor who's dream is to become a successful investor however it is not that easy to become one. It takes years of experience and guidance to become a successful investor. There are many things to learn and skills to acquire. What are the skills that I need to learn and have to become a successful investor?

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    An inescapable path to becoming a successful investor is to learn how to become a lifelong student. Learn from other investor's success and mistakes. Learn how they made the money, not how they spent it. Place value on value, buy assets that you know are underpriced and sell them for a higher value. Always have healthy Skpeticism which is very hard to acquire as the world is full of malice. Lastly but not the least is to sharpen your analytical ability as being able to analyze what is going on is very crucial to becoming a good investor.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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