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I've been very worried about my grades and I don't want to be caught letting other people copy of my work

I study in a well known university, its been really hard to find friends, I met a few friends recently but I noticed that they would copy my homeworks and projects and claim that it was his, everytime I'd say something they would claim that this is what friends do for each other, recently I found out that they had their group chat on their own and It's been bugging me lately If ever we do get caught, will my credibility and grades pay for this?

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    You are responsible for what you do with your capabilities, if you let others copy from you I strongly urge you to avoid these kinds of people, they're just using you, friends don't usually pull each other down and believe me what their doing will cause you your future, especially if you get caught for plagiarism and fraud. I can honestly tell you that they are just probably using you for what you can offer, don't worry there will be more people who will come but avoid these kinds of people at all costs.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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