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Will it look rude if I return an object to my relative if the item she sold to me was damaged?

A very close relative from my mother's side sold me this polaroid camera in a very affordable price. I bought it since it was from my relative anyways and I really want one. Since it was in a very affordable price, I bought it immediately. But when I tried using it, it wasn't in good condition. After clicking the camera, there is no image that can be seen. Would it be rude to give it back?

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    Maybe try checking the product first because maybe there has been a mistake. If it really is not working, it would not be rude to return it since you pay for it and you definitely deserve better. Maybe just ask for help on how to do it and where it can be repaired so that it still can be used. Also, it is better to talk about it politely

    2020.03.24 15:44

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