An electrician to repair our electricity line and electrical engineer to fix the system

Our neighbor is connecting to our electricity ilegally and we found out about it due to our large electricity bill. Since they are not listening and is still abusing the use of our electricity, I am looking for an electrical engineer to fix our electricity line. An electric line that will reassure us that they will not be able to connect again ilegally.

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    Although most of the people think that electrical engineers and electricians are the same, it really is not. Electricians will be the one fixing the electric lines or is the one responsible dealing with live circuits. While electrical engineers on the other hand are responsible for the design and for developing new systems. They are also the one dealing with the test equipments. So in this case, it is better to get an electrician or a lineman to fix the lines and an electrical engineer to fix the systems so that it will not happen again.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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